About The Podcast

If most businesses disappeared, nobody would care. 

The hard truth is that most businesses are replaceable in the minds of their customers and employees.

Over the last  15 years working with brands large and small at The Cult Branding Company, I’ve discovered that if you want to create loyalty, you have to matter to your customers. And, if you want to matter, you have to embrace your customers’ values. Without embracing the customers’ values, it becomes impossible to create authenticity and ultimately trust: there won’t be any truth behind your words. And without trust, you can’t get to loyalty.

Join me, Aaron Shields (partner and director of research for The Cult Branding Company) as I apply my knowledge and experience to answer the questions that help businesses create durable and profitable brands that not only matter to their customers, but also to their employees.

Make Business Matter is the podcast of The Cult Branding Company.

About The Host:

Hi! I’m Aaron Shields, partner and director of research at the Cult Branding Company. And, I’m the host of this podcast. I’ve been working at the Cult Branding Company for over 15 years researching what it takes to build brands that matter to customers and employees and apply that knowledge to our clients. I’ve worked with clients like Turner Classic Movies, Kohl’s, and Life is good. 

A side passion of mine is helping businesses maximize the creativity of everyone in the organization. I’ve given talks and workshops on creativity for organizations like Zappos and the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee. 

When I’m not researching new ideas or helping clients, you can usually find me in the kitchen (I staged at a 9-seat Japanese restaurant for a year and a half) or exploring—and often revisiting— restaurants and bars. 

I currently live in Philadelphia, PA.

About The Cult Branding Company

At the Cult Branding Company, we believe businesses can be a force of good in the world: businesses can create places where people find a calling instead of a job and, instead of just selling the latest product or service, they can solve real tensions in customers’ lives and uplift their spirits.

We focus on three aspects of brand building: leadership, customers, and culture. All three are essential: leadership creates a vision that inspires employees whose behaviors—through direct interaction and marketing— translate your brand to your customers.

Our processes have worked with everything from day-trading companies to sports teams, television stations to farmers, big-box retailers to charities.

It works because we start with human nature instead of chasing sales.

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